why it can cost more not to hire an interior designer



Thinking about making some changes to your home, but you’re not sure if your budget can accommodate the interior designer’s hourly rate? Consider this: choosing not to hire professional help may actually cost you more in the long run. Here are just a few reasons why.


I’ve Got a Great Idea!

Sometimes your great ideas can be a disaster. As amazing as the idea may look in the landscape of your mind, pumpkin orange walls with black floor tile and a centralized wet bar in your den might not look quite as cool as you thought when you try to bring it together. An interior designer is trained to understand which concepts will work well in your home and which ones just aren’t going to fly once you begin implementing them. While you may find that your interior designer is really open to creative concepts, he or she can also help you spot the pitfalls in your idea before you spend your entire budget on those cool black floor tiles.


This Piece Will Look Fabulous
Sure, it’s an amazing old wardrobe with a lot of history, and it might make a good place to store your LCD TV when you’re not using it, but what if it’s too big for the room? Because you’re buying it at a flea market, you can’t simply return it if it won’t fit through your door, and if it takes up half of the room, you’re not going to like it at the end of the process. Working with an interior designer, though, will ensure you get some of the best pieces you can find AND  that each one will work with the overall design scheme of the room.

I Know This Guy . . .
Sure, the contractor you’re thinking about may be a friend of that guy you talk to at the water cooler every morning, but who is going to foot the bill when the construction is shoddy or doesn’t quite meet your expectations. Interior designers often have prearranged contracts with some of the best in the business, so whether you need paint services, a plumber, or an amazing cabinet design maker, you’re certain to get exactly the style you’re looking for at a great price thanks to your interior designer. What’s more is that your designer can predict exactly how the work will look once it’s finished – something that guy at the water cooler simply can’t offer you.


This Will Solve All Of My Problems
Adding this shelf or that piece of furniture may seem like the ideal solution to the problem, but a designer can offer you a more permanent resolution without expensive stop gap measures to a given design issue. Based on extensive experience with rooms just like the one you’re working on, you’ll get reasonable ideas that may save money in the long run.
Interior designers can simplify your project while incorporating all of the features that will look best with your home. They’ll work with you to get the right look without a lot of extra costs.

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