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A Short History of the Evolution of the Bathroom


outhouse Studies have suggested that redesigning your bathroom could seriously increase the value of your home, and whether you’re interested in a complete overhaul or you just want a fun design your guests will love, exploring some of today’s hottest bathroom designs might be the update you were looking for. Before you begin thinking about what kind of bathroom you want, though, you might want to take a look at where we’ve been.



Indoor Plumbing


Bathrooms weren’t always the luxurious getaway we think of nowadays. At one time, a simple hole in the ground was all most people needed. As our lives began to revolve around our homes, though, outhouses (essentially a shed built over a hole in the ground) became part of everyday life. Historians have suggested that some of these structures were really quite extensive. The point was always to keep the structure close enough to the house to be convenient, yet far enough away to minimize the smell. All of them had walls and a roof of some kind to offer a level of privacy, and while most were square or rectangular in nature, a few people got creative. It has been rumored that Thomas Jefferson had two octagonal outhouses at his vacation house. In the most luxurious cases, they were built from brick and included more than one seat.



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As technology progressed, indoor plumbing became a requirement, and by the 1900s, all new construction homes in urban areas included nice bathrooms with a toilet, sink, and tub. It wasn’t until the late nineteen-forties, however, that almost every existing home in the United States had been retrofitted to include indoor toilets, and in many cases, these were rather simple affairs. In some situations, they were a mere toilet in a closet instead of the extensive rooms we think of today. After World War I, colored tile became fairly popular, and more bathrooms were becoming a focus of design instead of just a useful feature in a home. As more décor-based changes were made, so too were novelty elements introduced. Over time, bathrooms grew in size, and these days, most are surprised to look at the tiny size of yesterday’s bathrooms.


zenbath palacebath greenbath


Your Choices


If you’re considering an update to your bathroom, the chances are good you’ll want to go with today’s modern styles. Since “Green” has become the zeitgeist of the century, you may want to incorporate some of those aspects into your choices. Often you can find eco-friendly fixtures, recycled tiles, and even wheatboard cabinetry to help green your bathroom. (Wheatboard is comparable to particle board composed of small fibers glued together to make a larger board. It is made from straw, the stalk of a cereal plant after the grain or seed has been removed) If you’re more concerned about style than the planet, though, you’ll want to look at your options pretty extensively. Vessel sinks with water spouting faucets buried in the wall make a beautiful statement, and you can even put a direct vent fireplace in if you have enough room. Before you make any firm choices, though, you may want to consult with an interior designer to look at some photos and products that can help you create a solid design plan you’ll love.









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